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Hair and nails are exposed to different factors that cause their health to be attacked. These factors are external such as chemicals for hair bleaching and dyeing products, ironing and perms, nail polishes and medications; or internal as different pathologies or daily stress.

The factors fundamentally affect keratin, managing to weaken the hair, making it lose shine and weaken; in turn the nails become brittle and brittle.

capsulas para fortalecer cabello y uñas

The components of Dux Fort-Hair provide essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals for the formation of keratin, thus helping to improve the quantity and quality of hair. Increasing the hardness of the nails.

*Our products are made under GMP Standards , each having the effective doses in its formulations, making them products of the highest quality and maximum effect in their constant use.


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vitaminas para el pelo y uñas

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